>2019-nCoV Ag & Influenza A/B Ag Rapid Co-Detection Kit<br> (Immuno-Chromatography)
2019-nCoV Ag & Influenza A/B Ag Rapid Co-Detection Kit
  • Model : LS-C-T-006
  • Intro : The kit is an in vitro immunochromatographic test for rapid , simultaneous qualitative detection and differentiation of 2019-nCoV nucleocapsid antigen and/or influenza A and B nucleoprotein antigens directly from nasopharyngeal swab,oropharyngeal swab or nasal swab specimens taken from individuals who are suspectedof a viral respiratory infection consistent with COVID-19 by a healthcare provider.

No.Component25 T/kit
1Test Cartridge25 pcs
2One-off Swab(sterilized )25 pcs
3Extraction Tube25 pcs
4Instructions for Use1 pc

Test Preparation

1. Allow all kit components to equilibrate to room temperature (15-30°C) prior to testing for 30 minutes.


1.Remove the foil from the tube with the extraction buffer and place it stand up.

2.Immerse the sampled swab tip into the extraction tube and rotate the swab tip 10 times in the buffer liquid while

applying pressure with your fingers. Leave the swab in the tube for 1 min.

3.Remove the swab while squeezing the sides of the tube to extract the liquid with the sample from the swab.

4.Fit the end of the tube to the tube.

Reaction with Test Cartridge

5.Remove a test cartridge from the sealed pouch by tearing at the notch and place it on a level surface.Drip vertically

2~3 drops of liquid at 2~3 second intervals into the specimen well (S) on the test cartridge by squeezing the tube.

Do not handle or move the test cartridge until the test is complete and ready for reading.

6.Start timer. Read result within 15 ~20 minutes of adding the liquid. The test result is invalid after 20 minutes.

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